We offer domestic WAGYU beef
and Premium Wines
with Amazing prices
that you can not find like
that prices other restaurants.

In Tokyo which continues to develop as an international city we have continued to deliver value from 2011. Many people visiting to our restaurant we serve KOBE beef and domestic steaks Premium Wines and Champagne. Our tradition has handed down to next generation.

While stylish The store where you can feel free to spend

In the restaurant has counter seats and Table seats based on red (Rouge) a concept color of RRR. We can take care of customers in various situations.

We have two kinds method of aging beef.

Best selected KOBE beef wet aged 25 days and WAGYU beef dry aged 45 days.

We care very much about Wine list.

Wine is the most important content for us RRR. We have huge selection of Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, California and other countries wines. Including old vintage and unique Wine and Champagne. You will enjoy everything with Amazing price.

We have delicious organic vegetables from the farms directly

Vegetables form ISHIKAWA prefecture “TAKA farm” are essential for food in RRR. You can feel unusual taste and flavor.

We demonstrate two views in RRR at Dinner

From opening to 10:00 p.m. Restaurant’s view is usual and after 10:00 p.m. to closing time Restaurant’s view is more casual. Having dinner or just drinking, These are also possible which you want after 10:00 p.m.

RRR Brand

RRR Otemachi Kobebeef&wine
The restaurant is themed to look like Steak house in New York. Having the best space for Business lunch and dinner.
RRR Kobebeef Steak
This restaurant would be the best for business or anniversary dinner. You can feel a luxurious dinner. It has KOBE beef, Premium wine and Champagne with Low prices.
RRR wine online(EC site)
Mainly stock Premium Wine and Champagne on the high end.

We proceed with the projects in Japan and overseas. But some project has just begun. We hope you will have a good time through our business.